Maharana Pratap, a great warrior and a legend in ( Mewar ) Udaipur and Indian History, marked out a territory for his fourth son Rana SHEKHA, where he could settle – Rana SHEKHA first settled in a place now called Juna(old) Bera and later he moved his settlement 3 Km West, to a place,now known as Bera.

Bera, a small hamlet situated in the Aravali range of Rajasthan and surrounded by lakes and dams.You can view Jawai Dam ( The largest man made dam of western Rajasthan) from the top of Castle Bera and Jawai river flow beside the village.

Sir Pratap Singh a great figure in Marwar ( Jodhpur ) and the Regent of Jodhpur, married his only daughter, Roop Kanwar to Thakur Shivnath Singh of Bera, who was then the Thakur of Bera and also the legal advisor to the Maharaja of Jodhpur (Marwar) and his son Thakur Prithvi Singh of Bera commanded the Jodhpur Lancers and also ADC to His Highness Maharaja Uamid Singh of Jodhpur, founder of modern Jodhpur, who build Umaid Bhawan Palace and Jawai Dam to name a few. He also played for the great Jodhpur Polo team, which beat the great Patila Polo team( then, the best in the country).

Thakur Jangjeet Singh was the last of the Thakurs, who had Judical powers and now I have inherited a part of this castle known as The Rawala in the Region. We have opened up only four exclusively and tastefully designed rooms, so that our guests can literally have the place to themselves and enjoy a homely atmosphere and hospitality of the host himself.